On December 16, 2016, the Long Island Musical Theatre Festival produced our annual Christmas Cabaret in Huntington Village directed by Ms. Michelle Mallardi. The show involved 20 students throughout Long Island as well as a performance by our artistic/music director Mr. Steven Altinel.  

Production Staff
Artistic/Music Director: Mr. Steven Altinel
Stage Director: Ms. Michelle Mallardi
Producers: Vanessa D'Aconti
Technical Director: Phil Guiliano
Lighting Designer: Alex Dollin
Stage Manager: Esteban Lopez

Christmas Is A-Comin' — F. Luther
Full Company

Carol of the Bells — M.Leontovich/P.J. Wilhousky
Full Company

O Joyful Children — L. Holdrige/M. Huckaby
Keenan Lyons

Text Me Merry Christmas— A. Schlesinger/D. Laverbaum
The Girls

Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas — H. Martin/R. Blane
Janna Garden

White Christmas — I. Berlin/A Snyder
Anna Francesca Schiavoni, Lola Lama, Sebastien Diaquoi and Company

Santa Baby — J. Javits/P. Springer
Full Company

The Latke Song — D. Friedman
Max Fisher, Max Morris, and Marco Chiriboga

Night of Silence — D. Kantor/J. Ferguson
Full Company

A Place Called Home — A. Menken/L. Ahrens
Sam Hoffman and Lauren Giglio

Never Fall in Love with an Elf - M. Sklar/C. Beguelin
Reilly Rose Schombs

SparkleJollyTwinkleJingley - M. Sklar/C. Beguelin
The Boys

Let it Go — K.A Lopez/R. Lopez
Maddie Shea

Thankful - D. Foster/R. Page/C.B. Sager
Mr. Steven Altinel

Let There Be Peace on Earth - S. Miller & J.J. Miller/C. Courtney
Full Company




On December 18, 2015, the Long Island Musical Theatre Festival produced our annual Christmas Cabaret in Huntington Village. The show involved about 30 students throughout Long Island as well as a performance by our director, Mrs. Rebecca Overton and our artistic/music director Mr. Steven Altinel.  

Production Staff
Artistic/Music Director: Mr. Steven Altinel
Stage Director: Mrs. Rebecca Kupka-Overton (Broadway: Saturday Night Fever, Jersey Boys)
Producers: Li Josenhans & Linda Gramstad
Stage Manager: Esteban Lopez

Turkey Lurkey Time — B. Bacharach
Full Company

Panis Angelicus — C. Franck
Megan Montemurro, Sarah Harty, Stephanie Zovich, Thérèse Russell, Heather Aadal

The Chanukah Song — A. Sandler
Tyler Zeoli

The Most Wonderful Day of the Year —.J. Marks
Trinity Pascarella, Riley Gayer, Jordan Finn, Reilly Rose Martin, Emily Ferguson, Anna Francesca Schiavoni

Surabaya-Santa — J.R. Brown
Christine Lanzilotta

Hallelujah — L.Cohen
Kate Byrnes & Mary Brophy

Holiday Lament (the Fruitcake Song) — M. Wherry
Mackenzie Germain, Lauren Giglio, Maddie Shea


Someday at Christmas — R. Miller/B.Wells
Carlos Villatoro, Derek Lap, Marco Chiriboga, Tyler Zeoli, Justin Thorne, Max Morris, Sebastien Diaquoi, Sam Hoffman

I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas — Rox
Reilly Rose & Anna Francesca Schiavoni

Sleigh Ride — L Anderson
Taninna Oukacine, Leah Cozart, Megan Montemurro, Heather Aadal, Jess Menditto, Lauren Giglio, Thérèse Russell, Stephanie Zovich,
Ali Urban

Grown-Up Christmas List — D. Foster
Ali Urban

Stay Home Tonight — B. Ross
Mrs. Rebecca Kupka-Overton

That’s Christmas to Me — Pentatonix
Lauren Giglio, Sam Hoffman, Derek Lap, Jess Menditto, Tyler Zeoli

There’s Still My Joy — Chapman/Manchester/Rollings
Mr. Steven Altinel

A Christmas Story — Pasek & Paul
Full Company


On December 19, 2014, the Long Island Musical Theatre Festival produced our annual Christmas Cabaret in Huntington Village. The show involved about 30 students throughout Long Island as well as a performance by two former Broadway performers. The first was by our director, Mrs. Rebecca Overton and the other was by Ms. Michelle Mallardi, who sang a duet with her son, a student of the LIMTF programs.

Production Staff
Artistic/Music Director
– Mr. Steven Altinel | Producer – Mrs. Li Josenhans
Stage Director – Mrs. Rebecca Kupka-Overton (Saturday Night Fever, Jersey Boys)
Guest Performer – Ms. Michelle Mallard (Beauty and the Beast)

A Christmas Song - M. Sklar
Full Company
Featuring: Trevor Ewald, Andrew Rexach, Matt Layer, Tyler Zeoli, Sam Hoffman, Ian O’Boyle, Steven Prestia, Brian Trifon, and Lauren Giglio

Santa Baby — Javits & P. Springer
Chelsea Saccente

I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Clause — T. Connor
Tyler Palma

It’s Beginning to Look Like Christmas — M. Willson
Featuring: Heather Aadal, Skylar Caruso, Liora Hyman, Leah Cozart

Mary, Did You Know? — M. Lowry
Featuring: Carlos Villatoro, Ian O’Boyle, Tyler Zeoli, Matt Layer, Michael Ottavio, Andrew Rexach

The Prayer — C.B. Sager & D. Foster
Caitlin Dermody & Nick Magnus

Hard Candy Christmas — C. Hall
Featuring: Megan Montemurro, Lauren Giglio, Jess Menditto, Kelsey DeRosa,Marina Kopf, Alissa Rojas, Christine Lanzilotta,
Heather Aadal, Caitlin Dermody

My Simple Christmas Wish (Rich, Famous and Powerful) — D. Friedman
Mrs. Rebecca Kupka-Overton

Feliz Navidad — J. Feliciano
Jose Garcia

The Christmas Song — M Torme & R. Wells
Christine Lanzilotta

Last Christmas — G. Michael
Kelsey DeRosa & Michael Ottavio

This Christmas — D. Hathaway & N. McKinnor
Kalif Jones

There is a Santa Clause — M. Sklar
Sam Hoffman & Ms. Michelle Mallard

Grateful — J. Bucchino
Mr. Steven Altinel

Welcome Christmas — A. Hague
Full Company
Featuring: Tyler Palma, Samantha Brachman, Irteza Tario, Trinity Pascarella, Kayla Urban



On December 20, 2013, the Long Island Musical Theatre Festival produced our first annual Christmas Cabaret in Huntington Village. The show involved about 30 students throughout Long Island and featured a duet with South Huntington School’s Superintendent, Dr. David Bennardo and local Spanish teacher, Mrs. Aileen D’Addario.

Production Staff
Director: Torrance Shepherd | Music Director: Steven Altinel | Producer: Li Joshenhans

We Need a Little Christmas — J. Herman
Full Company

The Christmas Song — M. Torme & R. Wells
Kristen Riordan

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas — H. Martin & R. Blane
Christine Lanzilotta

All I Want for Christmas is You — M. Carey & W. Afanasieff
Joseph Anthony

When the Leaves Turn Brown —I. Michaelson
Marina Kopf

Santa Baby — J. Javits, P. & T. Springer
Matt Attanasio, John Glennon, Tyler Zeoli

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year — Arr. H. Ades
Full Company

You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch — A. Hague & T. Geisel
Nick Magnus

A Holly Jolly Christmas — J. Marks
Ian O’Boyle

Baby, Its Cold Outside — F. Loesser
Dr. David Bennardo and Mrs. Aileen D’Addario

O Holy Night— Arr. D. Foster & J. Lubbock
Amelia Profaci

Thankful — D. Foster,  C.B. Sager & R. Page
Richard Spitaletta

Silent Night — Arr. R. Belliston
Katherine Gerdes and Monica Owen                          

Believe — G. Bellard & A. Silvestri
Mr. Steven Altinel

The World for Christmas — A. Edenroth
Whitman Chorale

White Christmas — I. Berlin
Caitlin Dermody and Company

Olivia Banting, Lauren Giglio, Sam Hoffman, Greg Josenhans, Kyla Oliver, James Paolillo, Shealyn Naughton, Zach Thompson